Last Minute Opportunity: Grammy in the Schools Programs

GRAMMY in the Schools websiteWho doesn’t love music? And who doesn’t love stories about band camp? Well, the fine folks over at the GRAMMY Foundation are offering a couple band camp options right here in Los Angeles in the coming year for high school students interested in learning more about having a career in the music industry. (You know, for students who aren’t able to find drugs in their own high schools.)

The GRAMMY Foundation is taking applications for some of their programs and passed along a press release including the following information:

Students and schools interested in participating in the 2012 GRAMMY Camp – Jazz Session and GRAMMY Signature Schools programs can apply at Completed applications are due by Oct. 22 for both programs. Oct. 22 is also the early decision deadline for students interested in attending the 8th annual GRAMMY Camp to be held in summer 2012. Early decision applicants will receive a 10 percent tuition discount if selected to attend GRAMMY Camp. They receive this discount whether they are selected as part of the early decision process or drawn from the regular applicant pool. Applicants not selected via early decision will be reconsidered with the final pool of applications. The final GRAMMY Camp application deadline is March 31, 2012. In the past, approximately 70 percent of GRAMMY Camp participants who have applied for financial aid received assistance.

So if you’re a high school student in LA looking for an excuse to get out of your house for a few days, or if you’re outside of LA and want to come get a little taste of some of the things that make our city so awesome, head on over to the GRAMMY in the Schools website and submit your application by this Saturday. All your friends will be jealous, we promise.*

*We make no such promise.


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  1. I wish this program was around when I was in high school!! I was in Rock Band/Contemporary Ensemble all throughout elementary school and high school. Sounds awesome. This would have been right up my alley. I do know some people that would be interested in this though so thanks for the info!

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