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Coffee Fix Studio City

Here at Blogging.LA, we’ve always got an eye out for a good cafe to #occupy while we bang out our freelance writing, novels, screenplays, and even an occasional blog entry. We Valley-dwellers don’t have much to choose from, and the list gets even shorter when you knock off the places that lock up for the night when it’s still early evening. Sure, there’s the mandatory minimum 1.0 Starbucks/square mile ratio, but we all know that doesn’t really count. Studio City’s Coffee Fix, on the other hand, does qualify.

I’ve been living in the southeast part of the Valley for a little over a year now, and while I have been a big fan of M Street Coffee for weekend afternoon writing sessions (they close early), or Aroma Cafe as the obligatory location for first dates arranged through online dating sites (they seem to busy to be a good place to write), more often than not when I’m looking for a good place to write on a weekday evening I end up at some greasy-spoon location drinking diner coffee and trying to talk myself out of apple pie a la mode. Blogging.LA’s Travis Koplow mentioned the Coffee Fix to me at least once or twice, but it took me until just this afternoon to finally check it out. While I would agree with some of the Yelpers who seem to suggest that the place is a little dingy and unpolished, I actually find that quality a bit endearing.

Here are a few things I liked about Coffee Fix:

  • Ample seating, with a few outlets interspersed.
  • Open ’til 10pm daily.
  • Iced americano tasted better than Starbucks and Coffee Bean. (Low bar, I know.)
  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • Fair amount of parking.
  • Standard coffee-shop type food menu.

Okay, so I guess this isn’t entirely a ringing endorsement for the place, but I’m excited to have an alternative to the diners. And the Coffee Fix offers a brownie a la mode that might help me stop eating so damned much apple pie.

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  1. cool. I’ve always wondered about that place. Another great one (coffee is sensational and free wifi, open til ten…. the espress and gelato place on Tujunga

  2. Have had a few people recommend this place but have yet to go, as I have my regular spots, some mentioned in the post and in the comments. Also a few others not mentioned.

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