3 thoughts on “ICME: All the Pretty Flowers”

  1. Correction – It’s on Santa Monica and *Madison* (I live in the vicinity).

    This mural was done back in April by street muralist Rabi and other members of the CYRCLE crew. They also made a few other murals in the East Hollywood area, such as the Charlie Chaplin mural on Santa Monica near Virgil, and the Michael Jackson mural (painted 6/26/09) on Hel-Mel. I ran into Rabi as he was prepping the wall and he showed me the concept sketch for the mural. The only thing that changed was the “Cut It Out” tagline, which was originally something else (I forgot), but “Cut It Out!” conveyed the anti-violence message much clearer than the original wording.

    More pics and info at Rabi’s page: http://www.dtladesigns.com

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