The other stuff at the LA County Fair

Don’t get me wrong the other stuff one expects at the LA County Fair is a lot of fun, but there’s other stuff too one doesn’t really expect to find that turns out to be quite entertaining.  People watching during the week is interesting and different than weekends.  Yesterday it was hordes of school children being shepherded by harried teachers and chaperones along with quite a large contingent of Seniors.

One of the big finds that I found to be a lot of fun was over in the Home and Garden center.  There’s a wine, beer and olive oil tasting room!  Of the hundreds of wines submitted for judging in the LA County Fair 436 are available for tasting.  Tasting fee for a flight?  A very reasonable $11 for 5 tastings.  They have a list sorted by suggested tasting order and number your glass to match what you select which also happens to be the order you taste.  Loved it.

Meandering about the grounds we stumbled upon the “Angel of Tears and Hope.  Its located in a little pond with twin fountains on either side of it with a placard dedicated to those that lost their lives on 9/11/01.  It is inscribed with the words of JFK: “Let every nation know, whether they wish us well or ill, that we shall bear any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and success of liberty”.

In the Millard Sheet’s Center for the Arts was a couple of fun exhibits.  First was “eclectic collections” that focused on unsual collections of stuff.  Tightly curated and very much fun to look at imaging what would possess them to collect such a thing, IE furniture made out of soft drink pull tabs.  There was also a really nifty exhibit of “neon art” old neon signs saved and preserved in that collection.

Lastly, the shopping district is pretty interesting in its own rights, that is if you enjoy a good meander through a swap meet sifting and sorting through plain old junk and some real treasures.  Among the interesting things we found in there was a Chinese accu-pressure massage.  It was bargained down to $10 for 10 minutes of sheer relaxation that went from head to toe…literally.  It was done by a day spa called “So Relax” located normally at 6600 Topanga, Canoga Park and in Building 6 of the Shopping District at the LA County Fair.  Worth the money and the few minutes it takes for a complete rub down.

The LA County Fair runs until 10/2/2011.  The the info you could ever want regarding attractions, hours and admissions on their WEB SITE.



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