Are we really among the worst drivers out there?

Tear down after the last rearender

According to a recent Allstate study we are.  Our rank…#182 out of 200 rated large cities in the U.S.  According to their actuary data we are 50.8% more likely to be in an accident than the national average, averaging one every 6.8 years.

Inattention from my experience is the #1 cause.  Why…I worked a claims desk for a number of years and everyones excuse always was “I never saw the other car”.  I’ve even heard the driver rearending me saying they didn’t notice I had stopped. Of course there were other factors, newly licensed drivers, new to the area drivers and under the influence, but that wasn’t in every accident.

So who do we blame and how do we fix?

3 thoughts on “Are we really among the worst drivers out there?”

  1. I think we should be rated higher than that. 198 or 199. I know for sure we must lead in hit and runs.
    Distracted driving is the biggest issue, hard to miss an object as large as a car if you had been paying attention. Cell phone laws need to be enforced and make stricter until people start obeying them.

    1. Our gov just vetoed a bill that would have had higher fines and more enforcement of distracted driving. Hit and Runs are more common in our economically challenged areas of the city than most realize.

  2. LA drivers are largely driven (no pun intended) by over-inflated egos and chronic rudeness. Everybody here thinks they are invincible and above reproach. I once had a douche-bag rear-end me and claim it was my fault because he had never seen a bike-rack like I had installed in the rear trailer hitch. My car and bike-rack were unscathed. Douche-bag’s Jaguar had a nice square dent in it from my solidly-built bike-rack. HA!

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