It (Finally) Caught My Eye: NineEleven

It was spray painted onto the sidewalk a few doors down from where I live a week or so ago, and I’ve given it glances passing by it coming and going on easily a half-dozen dog walks, but it wasn’t until this morning on a stroll to the nearest mailbox around the corner that I finally stopped and gave it a scan (click to biggify):

4 thoughts on “It (Finally) Caught My Eye: NineEleven”

  1. that’s an actual barcode. 078253000061. I can’t find that UPC in online databases (aka google), but it’s that UPC set (078253 + anything after it) is owned by the “Golden Jersey Creamery” of Texas.

  2. A ring canal cleans the water coming in from the river. Underground area beneath the new reservoir stores the water for use in the city delivery system

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