Sunset Junction Cancelled, Some Shows Will Go On

Arthur Adams at Sunset Junction '08. Courtesy our own Burns!

In the end, even Live Nation couldn’t use its deep pockets to bail a lil’ ol’ community-oriented street festival out: an apparent $100,000 loan from the conglomerate notwithstanding and a ridiculous attempt to raise more money from the community – on top of the $25 it already charges for entry – it looks like Sunset Junction is cancelled.  The organizers apparently failed to solidify their permitting situation before selling tickets to the public, renting space out to the vendors, and booking the bands:  according to the city, some $141,000 in fees were past due, and have been for the past year.  Like that time your parents forgot one too many times to pay the electricity bill, the Board of Public Works finally just turned off the festival’s lights this morning.

But, as this is the Festival That Just Won’t Die Gracefully, the organizer’s attorney told LA Weekly soon after the Board’s decision: “Were gonna go back and review our options.”  That said, the organizers have indicated that there will be refunds (a recent tweet: “Lets not lose our faith, web site is down & Tickets $ will be re inverse to all of fans who supported, please do not panic (vendors,fans etc)”), but still are decrying the injustice of it all on their Facebook page and in a press release.

In spite of the cancellation, there may be a few performances this weekend yet.  LA Weekly also reports that El Cid’s stage will remain open “because they never received – and thus never signed – official contracts from the festival.  They’re also opening another free stage for displaced bands at nearby sister club Los Globos.”

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  1. Cool photo! (Thanks.)

    The news story I read said the $141,000 they owed was for *this* year’s permit fees. They also owe approx. $260,000 for *last* year’s fees that they promised to pay, yet never did. Unfortunate that all of those bands, vendors, etc. that incurred great expense to be here in just a couple of days will likely now have to fight the Silver Lake Neighborhood Alliance just to break even.

  2. I’ve always heard that the organizers were a little shady, so this doesn’t surprise me. But, I do feel bad for all of the vendors and bands involved. I’m a little relieved because it totally frees me up for the Serge Gainsbourg Tribute Concert at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday night. I’m working with the Bowl, and am super excited to be working at the show. If any of you are fans of Serge Gainsbourg, his legendary concept album Histoire de Melody Nelson will be performed in full with an orchestra led by his longtime collaborator Jean Claude Vannier and guests including Beck, Sean Lennon, Mike Patton, Ed Droste (Grizzly Bear) and Victoria Legrand (Beach House). I can’t wait!

    For more info:

    Sunday, August 28, 2011

    Hope to see you there!

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