Proposal in Senate to increase driving & cell fines, including bicyclists too.

Image by WatchCaddy via a creative commons licence on flickr.
Image by WatchCaddy via a creative commons licence on flickr.

I was catching up on my blog reading and spotted this bit on Truth About Cars.  The maximum fine for driving and using a cell phone is increasing to a maximum of $528.  Bicyclists are being included for the first time as well though their fines are only a maximum of $50.  I think they should be on parity with each other but what the heck at least the disparity is being addressed now.

Link to the senate proposal HERE in pdf format.  Pages 2 and 3 are where the good stuff concerning the changes to the cell phone and driving proposals can be found.

I for one am glad to see some stiffer penalites coming for using the phone while driving.  What say you?

6 thoughts on “Proposal in Senate to increase driving & cell fines, including bicyclists too.”

  1. You really think that fines for car and bicycle violations should be the same? A person on the phone while driving a car can do some serious damage, why is why the fine is so high. A person on a bike can still do damage, but not nearly as destructive as that of a steel vehicle. Just sayin’.

  2. Fraz, good job jumping on this quickly. While I’m glad to see the proposal to increase the fines, they could increase it to $1 million & it won’t mean shit unless the law is actively enforced. I see lots of drivers violating the law every day, and have yet to see or hear of even 1 instance of enforcement. I hope there have been many cases of citations that just haven’t been publicized.

    I do agree w/Brenda about the difference in potential hazard/damage from drivers vs. bikers. I think the car fines vs. biker fines ratio of about 10:1 in the new proposal seems about right.

    1. Part of this legislation is funding enforcement.

      I think bikes need to be higher. I was recently stopped and got nailed broadside by a bicyclist that was on phone and didn’t see me stopped in front of her or that her light was red. Fortunately the only thing hurt was her pride but it scared the shit out of me. Imagine what would have happened if I broadside here. I go back to holding bicyclists need to be held to the same standard if they are going to be on the streets.

      1. Agreed. If bicyclists want to use the streets, they need to abide by the rules. A distracted cyclist may not do as much damage as a car, per se, but imagine if that person who didn’t see the red light just blew through the intersection and got hit and/or caused a car accident.

  3. As a cyclist, I’m not against the fiscal parity, Frazgo calls for. I understand Brenda’s point, but I just can’t see basing a fine amount on a “potential” amount of damage done. As remote and hypothetical as it may be, there’s the potential for a cell-phoning cyclist to trigger a sequence that ends up sending an 18-wheeler through an Arby’s at lunch hour. Regardless of the vehicles we operate on the roads we need to be equally responsible and accountable.

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