The Pinnacle of Donut Summits

Joker Beethoven
Joker Beethoven, Jesus, and Justin Bieber all showed up

How awesome was yesterday’s 2nd Annual Donut Summit? A picture is worth a thousand words, so you can look at the pics after the jump and judge for yourself.

We had enthusiastic attendees (I estimate at least 100). We had the creative crew, especially Alexandra and Lucinda whose production and organization were off the charts. We had expert celebrity judges. And we washed it all down with stellar Intelligentsia Coffee. Yeah, it was something special.

Donut Summit sign
Calm before the storm
Donut games
Lucinda and her handmade donut games
Donut Summit attendees
Some of the Donut Summit crowd
Donut Summit registration table
Hard at work at the registration table
Donut Summit celebrity judges
Our celebrity judges
Donut Summit prize winners
Our prize winners and their "golden donut" medals
Joker Beethoven
That Joker Beethoven is a media whore
Mariachi Band eating donuts
A Mariachi band stopped by to eat our donuts ...
Mariachi band playing
... then sang for their supper
Donuts + antacid bottle. I swear this photo wasn't staged
Donut coma
However, I can't swear to this one

4 thoughts on “The Pinnacle of Donut Summits”

  1. I am so proud of my color and pattern coordination with the cups used in the donut-toss games and with the tablecloths. It’s these meta elements that really tie an event together. ;)

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