Like To Bike: LA River East Bank Ride Monday

I had such a blast discovering the east bank of the Los Angeles River by bike a couple weekends ago, that I’m going back to get me some more laidbackification this holiday weekend. So if you’re not headed/heading out of town for the holiday weekend and don’t have anything cooking July 4 morning, feel free to join my wife Susan and me. We’re planning on setting out from the Fletcher Avenue Bridge around 9:30 a.m. for a heat-beating, entirely casual out-and-back roll that’s about six miles in length.

Win Tickets to see The Dan Band @ Club Nokia on July 8th!

The Dan Band
The Dan Band

And I need you now tonight! And I need you more than ever. And if you only hold me tight, we’ll be holding on forever…

Raise your hand if you’re a fan of Old School.  Ok, now keep it raised if you’ve experienced The Hangover IRL.  If your hand is still up, maybe consider checking yourself in for a stint at rehab perhaps?

Or come see The Dan Band at Club Nokia July 8th!

Thanks to our friends at Goldenvoice I’ve got a ton of tickets for their upcoming show, so please leave a comment below & I’ll choose a bunch of lucky Blogging.LA readers to rock out with the “hey, weren’t you in that movie” band downtown.

Contest ends July 6th at Noon PST.  Winners will be selected by

If you’d like to buy tickets to the show, you can do so here: Goldenvoice

Urban Wildlife: Awesum ‘Possum

On our dog walk this very early morning Susan, Ranger and I close-encountered this young opposum — a remarkable member of our urban animal kingdom that I adore and will protect and defend vociferously — after it scaled the front gate of a house we were passing on LaFayette Park Place in Silver Lake. Its entire lack of fear of us humans and our excited canine in such immediate proximity led me to wonder if the creature was ill, but it seemed — at least outwardly — to be in good health.

PS. Yeah, I’m the kind of animal geek who gets excited by prehensile tails — semi or otherwise — in action.