Venice RV Parking Restriction Makes List of 10 Most Ridiculous Anti-Homeless Laws

Car camping
Some of the RVs and campers along 3rd Avenue in Venice

Consider this a parting shot from homeless advocates who have lost the latest battle in the long-running Venice parking war: the National Coalition for the Homeless has named Venice’s “oversize” vehicle nighttime parking restriction one of The 10 Most Ridiculous Anti-Homeless Laws in America.

I disagree that the Venice overnight (actually, just four hours) parking restriction for RVs and other “oversize” vehicles is either “ridiculous” or “anti-homeless”. In addition to the RV waste dumping issue mentioned by the Coalition, it’s not unreasonable for Venice homeowners and business owners, who pay local taxes, to have some relief from being blocked by RVs permanently camped on Venice streets. Likewise, VeniceĀ  visitors should be able to compete for parking spaces.

Moreover, this isn’t just a case of heartless homeowners. The Venice parking restrictions are accompanied by a program pushed by Los Angeles City Council Member Bill Rosendahl to provide safe off-street parking for the RVs that are required to move during the night. And finally, like it or not, parking one’s vehicle on an L.A. street for 72 or more consecutive hours, regardless of the vehicle’s size, is already illegal under Sec. 80.73.2 of the Los Angeles Municipal Code.

So is the Venice vehicle parking restriction a perfect solution? Of course not. Should more be done to assist homeless people who may be forced to live in their vehicles because they have no alternative to protect them from the elements? Definitely, and I’ll bet many Venice homeowners and business owners would agree.

And once again, I expect that we’ll hear more than this parting shot from the car campers’ side in the ongoing Venice parking war.

2 thoughts on “Venice RV Parking Restriction Makes List of 10 Most Ridiculous Anti-Homeless Laws”

  1. You know I love Venice, its my mecca for some spiritual rebirth…serious not kidding. Parking down there is horrendous on busy weekends. Once the lots are full its a pain trying to find street parking and all those RV’s plugging up the spots for “camping” makes matters worse.

    I don’t find this to be anti-homeless. ITs an effort to solve the parking problems that exist and make more equitable for everyone.

  2. Downtown LA has had overnight parking restrictions for years, and it works. After 2 am the streets are cleared, and the city aggressively tickets. If someone really needs to park overnight (to sleep) somewhere, there are actually lots of places to do so, mostly in industrial areas, so why Venice?

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