Miranda July Live Stream

As I’ve mentioned here before, I love Miranda July. I’ve loved her since I saw Me And You And Everyone We Know.

I’ve read her book, No one belongs here more than you. I’m looking forward to seeing her Eleven Heavy Things installation at PDC. I read her blog, and I can hardly wait for her new movie, The Future, to screen in LA. And so, when I saw that she was appearing at Cinefamily to kick off their new show-and-tell series, I bought a ticket right away.  According to Cinefamily, their show-and-tell series

invites artists, filmmakers, musicians and other cultural heroes to divulge their deepest, darkest media obsessions by opening their closets, digging through their attic and plundering their garages to curate an evening of…whatever they want to share! From thrift store finds to late-night Tivo, from foreign film bootlegs to home movies, from the popular to the perverse –- all media will be presented live by the honored guests, as they take us on a personal tour of the material that has inspired them, delighted them, or just plain freaked them out.

If you know Miranda July’s work at all, you know that this is a slow pitch right to her. In a post on her blog she says she’s not just going to show videos

FAR FROM IT. Here’s a hint: I will need one participant with a very clean mouth and/or scalp. So if you are on the fence about coming, but your mouth or scalp is fastidious and overlooked, come as a favor to me.  (Did I just do the kind of promotion that actually repels people from coming?)

So I’m all excited, and I was going to post something here yesterday about the event (which is tonight at 8), but then I saw that it was sold out. Sad for you, b.la readers. But wait…good news…today I read that they will live stream the event right here starting around 8:00. So hurrah, b.la’ers, you can watch along with me!

Having done my due diligence and told you about the MJ stream, I will now digress for a moment to say that the more press Miranda July gets, the more it seems chic to hate her. I recognize that that’s probably inevitable given the fundamental anxiety about losing your edge to the kids who are coming up from behind. But still. Time was when you could look forward to being hated after you gained mainstream popularity (can you say “David Lynch”). Poor MJ seems to be victim of an acceleration in the hipster life cycle whereby one becomes last week’s news before ever being this week’s news. Well, I’m not giving in to the haters. I love Miranda July. I don’t care if everybody that you know is more relevant than everybody that I know.