It Caught My Eye: Dr. Dre Drives LA Like It’s the UK

My wife Susan has built up a tolerance over the years, but you’d probably hate watching TV with me. Be it in a commercial or movie, I’m the kinda guy who’ll go all non-sequitor yelling out the name of a place a bit too emphatically when I see a Los Angeles location I recognize.

“Second Street Tunnel!”
“Sixth Street Bridge!”
“Parkview Hotel!”
“Northwest corner of Normandie and 23rd!”
“Johnnies Coffee Shop!”
“Natural History Museum!”

Stupid shit like that. Maybe even shamelessly augmented with a “booyah!” or a “yeeeeeah boooooiiiiee!” or a fist-pump as if I’ve not already made enough of a fool of myself. What can I say; it’s a curse knowing my city. Susan will agree.

And the curse continues with the Chrysler 300 commercial that’s currently making the heavy rotation across the TV spectrum (YouTube link) featuring Dr. Dre tooling all over town  in a car-that-goes-boom and finishing up at the end of the ad with “This is LA. This is what we do.”

Trouble is apparently one of the things Dre do is drive southbound on Silver Lake Boulevard below the Sunset Boulevard bridge on the wrong of the street (and past the requisite hoodlum out for an after-hours jog with his requisite pitbull; click to biggify):


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