Win Tickets to See Demetri Martin!!

Would you like to see a man and his flip chart?


If so, you’re in luck: Demetri Martin is on tour, and we have a few tickets to see his one-man-plus-props show this Sunday, July 24th, at the Fox Theater in Pomona.  To win, just leave a comment below with your favorite Martin prop: that flip chart? His guitar? Ukelele?  Have at it, folks, and I’ll pick a winner on Wednesday.

11 thoughts on “Win Tickets to See Demetri Martin!!”

  1. I love the guitar/harmonica combo! Would love to see him live for the 2nd time! (and my husband would love me for winning tix, HA!)

  2. The man is a freakin genius. This is a Paladrome he started on (and it keeps growing as the years continue) We have the same birthday so I have always felt a connection with him. I got to work on his show (no where able to meet him) and have all his CD’s and his book (with autograph.) still not in person though. If there is one person I am star struck about it would be him. I will humbly say, I would love to go see him in concert live. Cheers~Kris
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  3. He was really funny when he used his guitar and told some really funny break up lines.

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