Wolfpack Hustle Vs Jetblue

The other day the entire world collectively pointed and laughed at the obvious publicity stunt unleashed by JetBlue, where they announced plans to offer $4 fares from Burbank to Long Beach to avoid carmageddon. But flying seems pretty fast right? I mean, you are in a plane and all. But how fast is it really? Fast enough to beat Wolfpack A? Seriously, easily the most elite street cyclists in LA, possibly in the country started doing the math and think they can make that trip faster on bike than JetBlue can in a plane. You know what? I think they are right. I’ve seen the hustle in action. I’ve seen Wolfpack A win race after race. I think this is totally legit. Several folks are already trying to get JetBlue to accept the challenge. Let’s see what happens!

UPDATE: IT’S ON! Details being finalized right this very second, but this is happening. Point to point. It’s a battle of commuters. A house in Burbank to the Long Beach Aquarium. More details soon!!!

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  1. I think that it should be door to door – the person walking into the airport signals the start and the person walking out of the airport is the end. Of course JetBlue may argue that there are a lot of factors out of their control there with TSA and whatnot but that is part of flying, in the same way that stoplights and traffic will be part of the bike commute.

    1. Burbank to Long Beach by bike is like 35 miles… ish? If the door-to-door airplane passenger start/finish is adopted I could TOTALLY see Wolfpack making this close if not kicking ass.

    2. Airport door to door makes no sense… The only logical start and end points are the passenger’s work/home/other origin near burbank, and their work/home/other destination near long beach. That is what would fairly represent the idea of ‘…or you could ride a bike…’ which strikes me as the heart of this whole venture.

    3. Wolfpack has no regard for stoplights or traffic. I’d put my money on them in a door to door.

      1. I’m not qualified to ride with Wolfpack but I bet if it’s door to door, even I could win this challenge. Every moment spent driving to the airport, parking, walking in, going through security, boarding, and taxiing is time the cyclist is making ground. And the flight itself can’t even be that fast; the plane will have to deal with traffic patterns just like a car will have to deal with traffic, then it has to taxi on landing, and the passengers have to get out of the plane, out of the airport, arrange transportation to their destination, etc. Easy win for the bike.

        Top Gear did a challenge like this with a bike, a car, a boat, and public transportation. The bike beat all the rest.

  2. There should be a start and end location. For example, the flyer and the bikers start at a starbucks or something in Burbank (there’s one right outside of the airport on Hollywood way. Then the first to arrive at the “starbucks” in LB is the winner.
    Oh and at least one rider must be fixed :)

  3. I wish I still lived in Long Beach to see this…used to live about a mile away from LGB. There’s not a whole lot right around the airport, some restaurants up on Carson at Lakewood.

    My question about the clock starting was mainly concerned with the people flying. Everyone has a different idea about what’s a good point to get to the airport before a flight. Someone like me who is paranoid and likes to get to the aiport way ahead of time would favor Wolfpack, while someone who tries to rush through security and be the last one on the flight would favor them.

      1. Right. But is JetBlue is offering this flight as a solution to the 405 closure which is exactly the thing that would effect a family living in Burbank who thought it might be nice to visit the aquarium on the weekend. ;)

  4. Starting at the Long Beach Aquarium? Sounds like Wolfpack is even giving jetBlue a head start! (LGB Airport is approximately 4 miles closer to Burbank than the Aquarium!)

    1. My bad- I meant ending at the aquarium (so the finish line is 4 miles LONGER for Wolfpack). My money is still on Wolfpack

  5. Should be door to door and make the flyer walk, rent a car or take public transit to get to the final location. No contest.

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