A Different POV: Under The Bridges

So this past Monday I boldly went somewhere by bike that I’d never gone before. And so, for the lack of a substantive and/or interesting post on any number of prevalent topics, I do hereby give you: The Los Angeles Riverbed Ride. In which I navigated downstream from the south end of Elysian Valley down to the Seventh Street Viaduct and then back. For your viewing pleasure, these are the 12 spans I pedaled under, beginning with the 110 Freeway and ending at Seventh Street.

A slideshow of the above Flickr set of images is viewable here.

After the jump is the SFW video-still of the naked guy I encountered under the First Street Viaduct who was bathing in the water (given its quality I use “bathing” in its least optimistic sense), along with the obligatory timelapse video of the entire ride. Enjoy.

(click it for the bigger picture)


2 thoughts on “A Different POV: Under The Bridges”

  1. cool video!! would’ve never guessed the bridges vary so much; it seems like a single unified architecture would be more cost effective. all the same i’m glad they ‘splurged’ for the sake of diversity :D

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