Donut Summit 2011: THE WINNERS!

There will be more post-Summit posts (with lots of photos!) to come, but first, a few thanks, and then the winner!

Thank you to the whole team here at Blogging.LA who helped put together a fabulous Donut Summit, and also to our friends and family who helped out at the event as honorary Donut Marshalls!

Thank you to everyone who came and made the event a HUGE success.  We had about 55 entries in total, from donut shops all around LA county, and we want to thank everyone who came and contributed to the donut feast.  YOU made this event awesome!

Thank you to our celebrity judges, Jenn, of JustJenn Designs; Shelley, the Frygirl; and Billy, the 99 Cent Chef, for sharing your donut expertise!

Thank you to Intelligentsia, our coffee sponsor, for providing delicious iced coffee to temper the sugar shock of SO MANY DONUTS.

And now…the winners!

Donut Summit 2011
Golden Donut Awards! Courtesy of Frazgo


Best Raised Donut:  Monterey Donuts (5930 Monterey Rd, Highland Park)

Best Cake Donut:  Philippe’s The Original  (1001 North Alameda Street)

Best Donut Filling:  The Donut Man’s fresh peach-filled donuts (915 E Rt 66 Glendora)

Best Fritter:  Earl’s Donuts (20429 Devonshire St, Chatsworth)

Best Frosting or Glaze:  Monterey Donuts

Best Chocolate Donut:  California Donuts’ Chocolate Chip Bar (3540 W 3rd St)

Most Visually Appealing:  California Donuts

Most Unconventional:  Homemade vegan donuts, baked and brought by Jill Rogers

Roundest Donut: Philippe’s the Original

Worst Overall:  Tang’s Donuts (4341 W Sunset Blvd)

Best Vegan Donut:  The Righetous Fryers

Judges’ Choice Award:  Stan’s Donuts’ peanut butter-filled (10948 Weyburn Ave)

Best Overall Donut – THE 2011 DONUT KING: Babycakes (130 East 6th Street)

Timelapse: Donut Summit

Well, hell yeah: put the DO in donut again with its second annual Donut Summit, taking place in Elysian Park this afternoon. I’m a bit light on most of the details like winners and such, but I do know there was an awesome turnout, an amazing array of excellent donuts to taste, along with games to play and poetry to enjoy. Coveted frosted golden-donut trophies were given out for a variety of donut categories (included the California Donuts Chocolate Chip Bar I submitted that won Best Chocolate Donut) as determined by the eaters and this year the event also welcomed an esteemed panel of foodie experts who voted Stan’s Doughnuts of Westwood its Judge’s Favorite (Stan’s peanut butter-filled chocolate donut is just simply an amazing and inspired confection).

While most of my timelapsing comes from a POV of the front of my bike as I pedal whereever I go, but for Donut Summit 2011 I decided to memorialize the bulk of the afternoon by setting up the cam overlooking our stomping grounds, condensing roughly the three hours between 1:30 and 4:30 p.m. down to about six minutes of donuttiness. Hope you enjoy.

There Will Be Donuts

Forklifted a dozen of California Donuts’ famously infamous Chocolate Chip Bars this morning from the Koreatown branch on Third Street to be entered into the unofficial Most Decadently & Unabashedly Chocolatized Donut category  at today’s Donut Summit (only half of the 12 pictured; Ranger dog included for scale):

California Donuts' Chocolate Chip Bars
Crap photo courtesy my iPhone's cam with the Blur This app. Biggably blurable when clicked.

Wanna taste? Make haste!

Donut time: SO CLOSE!

I ate a donut,

It filled me with sugary joy!

Yummiest food group.

I am up late practicing my donut poetry skills, and I hope that you are doing the same, because much glory and honor will be bestowed upon the one who delivers the most wonderful donut haiku and/or limerick at the Donut Summit.

We are super excited for you to join us tomorrow for our donut potluck feast!  Bring your friends, bring your family, and, most importantly, BRING YOUR DONUTS!

Donut o’clock is 2pm.  We’ll be at picnic area 6 in Elysian Park.   See the map below – we’ll be near Grace E. Simons Lodge, at the intersection of Chavez Ravine Rd. and Elysian Park Drive.  Once you’re in the park, look for our donut signs, or follow the signs to Grace E. Simons Lodge, and we should be easy to spot.  There’s a parking lot right next to our picnic area, but be sure to arrive early to make sure you get a spot!

View Donut Summit, 2011! in a larger map

Juuust In Time For Donut Summit: Chowhound Controversy!

So a Chowhounder whose screename is “kauma” posted a topic earnestly titled “Donut Summit: Who’s Going?” yesterday. It and the ensuing short if surprisingly snarky and dismissive comment thread was discovered and passed on by one of my fellow contributors.

When I checked it out I found the first commenter, “Mattapoisett in LA” who decided to get critical equating a few typos found in one of our posts as somehow indicative of a lack of organizing skills. His skills at spotting mistakes was promptly applauded by “kauma.” Then commenter “sushigirlie” responded to that saying it seemed “pretty telling that they couldn’t get the donuts shops to donate donuts.”

In defense of the awesomeness of tomorrow’s event and the triple-deckered phenomenality of everyone here at who’s chipped in and pitched in to put this thing on, I posted what I considered to be a fair and untrollish rebuttal, replete with wink at the end in the form of a typo-laden twist on a biblical reference, because, yeah, that’s how I roll. Sometimes.

Checking back awhile later to see if anyone responded I found something magical must have happened because my comment was nowhere to be found in the thread. A dubious poof: had it been a posting failure on my part or had someone in that thread closed to opposing points of view (and/or snarkily cliché’d twists on bible quotes) intentionally deleted it?

So I decided to re-post, trying to get as close as I could to my original thoughts. After it, too, successfully posted, I took a screencap (after the jump; click it for enhanced readability).

Continue reading Juuust In Time For Donut Summit: Chowhound Controversy!

Venice RV Parking Restriction Makes List of 10 Most Ridiculous Anti-Homeless Laws

Car camping
Some of the RVs and campers along 3rd Avenue in Venice

Consider this a parting shot from homeless advocates who have lost the latest battle in the long-running Venice parking war: the National Coalition for the Homeless has named Venice’s “oversize” vehicle nighttime parking restriction one of The 10 Most Ridiculous Anti-Homeless Laws in America.

Continue reading Venice RV Parking Restriction Makes List of 10 Most Ridiculous Anti-Homeless Laws

National Water gun Fight, Los Angeles Saturday 7/30

National Watergun Fight Poster
National Watergun Fight Poster click to embiggen

The poster says it all, National Water Gun Fight is Saturday July 30.  Should be fun and I doubt that any governing or policing body has sanctioned this event so do be forewarned.  4 hours seems like a long time for a water fight and nothing is said regarding where one can refill their gun when its been exhausted…pesky details.  Regardless break out your super-soaker and go to town downtown.

Deets:11AM-3PM July 30, 2011.  Pershing Square, Downtown Los Angeles Map HERE.

Gimme A Sign: In Other Words

Gimme a sign
Blah, blah, blah...

Since finally discovering the serenitude of the Los Angeles River’s east bank south of Fletcher Drive last month, practically every time I’ve biked it since I’ve marveled at the chuckleworthy overwrought signage in the center of the pic at right (readably biggifiable when clicked), that smacks of having been crafted and finalized by a thinktank of city-contracted attorneys sequestered in a windowless sub-basement chamber deep below City Hall who felt that the discouragement of hanging out along the river with intent to hang out some more required much, much more than just a NO LOITERING sign.

Seriously: “kinder a fire?” And after that, what’s with the nonsensical “wash and cloth or bedding…”

I’m fascinated by the conceit that any transient would bother to read the entire screed, much less move on in abject law-abiding obedience.

Of course,  what would double the hoot would be if the entirely and appropriately to-the-point “NO DOGS OFF LEASH” sign to its right were similarly over-worded, like so:

LAMC SEC. 53.06.2 DOGS – RIVER BED:   No person shall, stand, sit, walk, lollygag, hustle, hop, skip, jump, amble, meander, flit, run, jog, trot, sprint, traverse, canter, drag, tumble, gallop, haul, boogie, truck, prance, tip-toe, or otherwise move forward, backward, sideways, or at any angle and at any speed, with a canine (heretofore referred to as “dog”) of any size, height, width, age, color, sex, pure or mixed breed, disposition and demeanor, without a leash attached to the dog and held securely by the aforementioned person while traversing the official bed of the Los Angeles River.

The Second Annual Blogging.LA Donut Summit: BRING IT.

Lemur Eating a Donut

With the donutpocalypse rapidly approaching, we all know you don’t want to be left holding your crullers. So tell us, dear readers: which donut shops will you be passing by on your way to this summer’s hippest event? Here’s a brief list of some of the places we hope to see represented:

  • Randy’s Donuts (Inglewood)
  • Dale’s Donuts (Compton)
  • DK’s Donuts (Santa Monica)
  • Kindle’s Donuts (Westmont)
  • Donut King II (Gardena)
  • The Donut Hole (La Puente)
  • Tasty Donuts (West Hollywood)
  • Bob’s Coffee and Donuts (Farmer’s Market)
  • Stan’s (Westwood)
  • Angel Food Donuts (Long Beach)
  • WenDy’s Donuts (Venice)
  • California Donuts (Mid-City)
  • Spudnuts (Canoga Park)
  • Primo’s Westdale Donuts (West LA)
  • Gladstone Donut House (Pasadena)
  • SK’s Donuts (Mid-City)
  • King’s Donuts(Alhambra)
  • Royal Donuts (Westchester)
Planning on stopping by any of these places? Have another place you’re going to hit instead? Let us know in the comments.

Miranda July Live Stream

As I’ve mentioned here before, I love Miranda July. I’ve loved her since I saw Me And You And Everyone We Know.

I’ve read her book, No one belongs here more than you. I’m looking forward to seeing her Eleven Heavy Things installation at PDC. I read her blog, and I can hardly wait for her new movie, The Future, to screen in LA. And so, when I saw that she was appearing at Cinefamily to kick off their new show-and-tell series, I bought a ticket right away.  According to Cinefamily, their show-and-tell series

invites artists, filmmakers, musicians and other cultural heroes to divulge their deepest, darkest media obsessions by opening their closets, digging through their attic and plundering their garages to curate an evening of…whatever they want to share! From thrift store finds to late-night Tivo, from foreign film bootlegs to home movies, from the popular to the perverse –- all media will be presented live by the honored guests, as they take us on a personal tour of the material that has inspired them, delighted them, or just plain freaked them out.

If you know Miranda July’s work at all, you know that this is a slow pitch right to her. Continue reading Miranda July Live Stream

Emerging Victorious (A Kalbi Burger Challenge Recap)

Screen grab from google translation of Korea Daily site
"Everywhere 'Cheerio' came a cheer erupted in cheers." (Courtesy Google Translate)

The good news is, I won. The bad news is, I won. (Groan.)

Actually, it wasn’t as bad as I’d feared it might be. I was definitely full, but still managed to go out and visit the Los Feliz Street Fair Tien tipped us off to in last week’s GTD This Weekend, which was a perfect way to walk off the beating I’d just given myself.

The short version is this: I showed up in Koreatown, mingled with the super-friendly variety of competitors and spectators from various parts of LA, I ate delicious Kalbi burgers until I could hardly tell that they were delicious anymore, and I won the contest in a 0.8 oz scale finish. Click through for the long (disgusting) version and some pics after the jump. Continue reading Emerging Victorious (A Kalbi Burger Challenge Recap)

It Caught My Eye: Dr. Dre Drives LA Like It’s the UK

My wife Susan has built up a tolerance over the years, but you’d probably hate watching TV with me. Be it in a commercial or movie, I’m the kinda guy who’ll go all non-sequitor yelling out the name of a place a bit too emphatically when I see a Los Angeles location I recognize.

“Second Street Tunnel!”
“Sixth Street Bridge!”
“Parkview Hotel!”
“Northwest corner of Normandie and 23rd!”
“Johnnies Coffee Shop!”
“Natural History Museum!”

Stupid shit like that. Maybe even shamelessly augmented with a “booyah!” or a “yeeeeeah boooooiiiiee!” or a fist-pump as if I’ve not already made enough of a fool of myself. What can I say; it’s a curse knowing my city. Susan will agree.

And the curse continues with the Chrysler 300 commercial that’s currently making the heavy rotation across the TV spectrum (YouTube link) featuring Dr. Dre tooling all over town  in a car-that-goes-boom and finishing up at the end of the ad with “This is LA. This is what we do.”

Trouble is apparently one of the things Dre do is drive southbound on Silver Lake Boulevard below the Sunset Boulevard bridge on the wrong of the street (and past the requisite hoodlum out for an after-hours jog with his requisite pitbull; click to biggify):


Red light cameras in LA may go the way of the DoDo.

Yahoo…it may happen and it won’t be a minute too soon in my book.  A commission has looked at the red light cameras as decided they cost more than they get in revenue and too many drivers are getting nailed with tickets even while making a legal right on red turn.  According to the report they could go away as early as this weekend if the city council approves…call your councilman and give them the nudge.  OF course we still have to hear from the camera owners who reap in the bulk of the money from these cameras who probably won’t be too happy to see them go away.  It will be interesting to see what they do to coerce convince the council to keep them in operation.

Hat tip to KTLA for greeting me with this wonderful news when I turned on the tube for news this morning.  Their news bit HERE.