Drifting in L.A…most unusual spot ever for a most unusual sport

Love the drifters out there though I have to admit I don’t like it when they do it around me.  Scary stuff if you don’t stay in the lines and put others at risk.  Imagine the consequences of not staying in the line for this drifter high atop the US Bank Building in L.A.

I doubt anyone has seen drifting that outrageous outside a publicity stunt.  My most outrageous was a knucklehead who did it in front of me on the 210/605 interchange.  What is your most interesting drifting you have witnessed?

7 thoughts on “Drifting in L.A…most unusual spot ever for a most unusual sport”

  1. Awesome to be sure, but sorry; have to go all buzzkill skeptical. I’m gonna have to wager that the consequences of not staying in the line for the stunt driver in the vid clip would’ve been he might hit some equipment on whatever street-level soundstage/parking lot from which that drift was filmed and later transposed.

    I would drift into jaw-dropped amazed wonderment at who got paid off and how much if that was actually and literally filmed on the helipad at US Bank Tower.

  2. Nothing was, this is all CG. Nearly all car commercials are these days. The industry’s ability to render imperceptibly real car materials, along with physically accurate lighting, means it costs ridiculously less to produce the commercial and comp a car onto the US Bank building than it did to even start to think about doing this in real life.

  3. Actually, I take that back, I bet that slow-mo shot is real.

    Good general rule of thumb is if you can’t see the driver in exterior shots, it’s probably because there isn’t one.

  4. Well the man who created the commercial won’t tell us. He says the goal of the commercial is to get us to talk about it. Lame. It would not surprise me at all to find out it’s real though. I am disappointed it’s not who I thought it was driving though.

    1. I can assure you all it is 100% fake. The fact that it’s being questioned is ridiculous – with amount of money it’d cost just to get a car on top of the US Bank building, you could make this commercial 3x over in a CG studio.

      Coming from someone who’s worked on several all-CG car commercials, it’s very, very common these days. Hell, I think like 95% of Sway Studio’s business is car commercials:


  5. To belabor, my skepticism about it being real stems from when I did the annual YMCA “Stairclimb to the Top” of the US Bank Tower back a few years ago. When I arrived on the roof, I was bummed to discover participants were strictly prohibited by the building’s uptight management from so much as ascending that last set of steps simply to stand on the heliport. From that experience the idea of a car company being allowed to do a drift stunt up there seems completely improbable.

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