Blogging (in) LA: Things To Do In LA

Anarchists, dinosaurs, and vinyl toys–TTDILA covers it all. The front page of the site explains:

Things To Do In LA was created out of not being able to find something to do in LA. It was created out of missing cool events that you would hear about later or because you didn’t read a certain post. It was created because you don’t know every place to visit in the city. There is always something to do in this city.

Things To Do In LA tells you what’s going on, and places to go.

TTDILA is a curated events list, clearly not guided by PR hack spam but rather by what seems exceptional, interesting, fun, and noteworthy. If you’re at all into video games, anime, local art, horror movies, or geek/fringe culture you should check out Things To Do In LA. Know this: TTDILA wrote to us at to ask if we were doing another Doughnut Summit this year before we’d even gotten around to asking ourselves the same question. Jonathan, the brain and muscle behind TTDILA is on the ball. He does the research for the rest of us. Without TTDILA, for instance, I wouldn’t have known about the Anarchist Book Fair or the Dead Flesh Fest this Saturday. I’m not sure if I’ll go to either, but being a fan of both anarchism and exploitation I’m glad to know about them regardless. Reading TTDILA is like having your own personal social secretary/concierge, except you’re on your own in terms of making reservations and dealing with double booking.

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