Win Tickets to Krishna Das!

Kirtan Music is sweeping the nation, if you are into Yoga, you’ve probably already been to a Kirtan. If not, get on board!
Kirtan, or chanting, is a way of being involved in music, rather than just listening/watching to a performance. By participating in the calls and sacred sanskrit words, you fall into a beautiful meditation.
Krishna Das took chanting up to a new level years ago, using instrumentation, other singers and led the way to it’s popularity, turning audiences on to Kirtan since the 70’s. He’s on a tour of with his “Samsara by Bus” tour, which is coming to LA on Monday, June 13th, at the Wilshire Ebell. You can buy tickets here… or you can win a pair from us.
To get your chant on for free, tell us what Samsara means to you! Our esteemed panel of judges (um, me) will pick a lucky winner and you will be chanting away on Monday night!

2 thoughts on “Win Tickets to Krishna Das!”

  1. Samsara to me means to keep going when life gets to complicated. Its all about the cycle of life and about what the basic things in life are of birth, suffering, death, and rebirthLife is so simple but as people we give ourselves problems and samsara is all about staying true to the simple joys of life. When I first heard of samsara I was a freshman in high school and didnt really understand it but now I keep the idea of keeping on with my journey and keeping my life simple close to my heart.

  2. Samsara is about being in harmony with the ebb and flow of life. It is the ultimate surrendering to cosmic intelligence.

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