Menu Mining: Breakfast Burrito at Jack’s Classic Hamburgers stand

Jack's Classic Hamburgers standBreakfast burritos are a wonderful thing, bringing together two very great things – breakfast and burritos – into one conglomerate of awesomeness. But the unfortunate reality is that they cannot always be trusted. (I’m looking at you, Fred 62.)

Now, Jack’s Classic Hamburgers, just near the place where the 170, 134, and 101 freeways converge, may or may not do many other things well. Frankly, I wouldn’t know. I got turned on to the breakfast burritos here a few years back, and I’ve never seen reason to bother with ordering anything else. I’m not even sure if the breakfast burrito is on the menu (I think it’s not) because I haven’t bothered looking that closely at the menu.

As far as I can tell, there’s only one person (Jack?) who works at this hamburger stand, because he’s the only person who has ever been there during my visits, and I have visited at many various times of day and night. If you stand within shouting distance of the window, you’ll hear him shouting, “Next!” Place the order, then back off and wait while he prepares it. You can try to pay when you order if you want… let me know how that works out for you.

Breakfast Burrito from Jack's Classic Hamburgers
Eggs. Cheese. Bacon. Fries. Salsa. Yum.

The burrito itself isn’t much to look at. But it’s great for sinking your teeth into. I’m sort of a weirdo, so I always ask him to scramble the eggs rather than just frying them over hard the way they seem to come normally. You can also get it without the salsa, but why? Order it to-go and you’ll get the burrito wrapped up and bagged, or if you wanna sit on the patio he’ll slice it in half and toss it in a little plastic basket for you. If you’re hungry, you can get some fries on the side, and the soda fountain refills are free, so drink all you like.

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One thought on “Menu Mining: Breakfast Burrito at Jack’s Classic Hamburgers stand”

  1. I lived a couple blocks away from here for almost two years and had Jack whip me up loads of tasty burgers, but I had no idea that he made a breakfast burrito!

    If you’ll excuse me, I need to invent a time machine to let my old self know about this.

    Or, you know, I could always drive the 5 miles to Jack’s. But that smacks of effort.

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