Blogging (in) LA Now a Weekly Series

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If you’re a regular reader you’ve seen some of our Blogging (in) LA posts by now. We’ve tried to be fair, covering some of our favorites like Weho Daily and the perhaps regrettably named Eastsider LA, as well as at least one that we wish might be different. We’ve interviewed the bloggers responsible for L.A. Can’t Drive and Green LA Girl. We’ve done a round-up of photo blogs and touched on food, real estate, and public service blogs.

Of course, the smattering of blogs we’ve covered over the past two weeks represent not even an iceberg tip of the sites devoted to LA, and we plan to keep highlighting one or two of our favorite and not-so-favorite LA blogs weekly. Drop a comment or write to one of us if you have a site you’d like to have us check out.

2 thoughts on “Blogging (in) LA Now a Weekly Series”

  1. I appreciate the coverage you guys have been doing, it’s helped to meaningfully expand my blogroll.

    I’ve started a blog covering news, events, and local characters in Los Feliz. My hope is that eventually it will become an online gathering place for the community – with the grander mission of having those ties extend back into meatspace .


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