GTD This Weekend: Tim Burton & Tim Burton

This weekend: Memorial Day!  Translation: free day for most of us, a day of mourning for far too many of us.  Hello, summer.


  • Outcasts and social misfits unite: Tim Burton will be at LACMA signing the catalogue for his exhibit at the museum (opening Sunday) or Art of Tim Burton book.  Later in the evening, he will introduce a special screening of Ed Wood, about the director who made awful movies.  There’s hope for all of us yet.  Tim Burton signing at 12pm; must show receipt of purchase of the catalogue or book at LACMA’s store (if this seems overly strict: yes. Yes it is.).  Tickets for the Ed Wood screening are $7-$10; the movie begins at 7pm.
  • Yay, beer!  The Spring Beer Fest brings you craft suds from Stone, New Belgium, and other breweries in the nice space that is the Echoplex.  The ticket price includes unlimited sample pours and a show from The Silent Comedy and The Dustbowl Revival.  Proceeds benefit 826la$20.  From noon to 4pm at the Echoplex in Echo Park.
  • Have you also grown wary (or weary?) of Cinespia’s new rules and regulations?  Look, then, to the outdoor cinema of the Outdoor Cinema Food Fest, which kicks off its summer season with a showing of that Cameron Diaz classic, There’s Something About Mary.  The Nom Nom truck, Frysmith, and Lake Street Creamery put the “food” in “cinema food fest.”  $10.  From 5:30 into the summer night at the LA State Historic Park, 1245 Spring Street near Chinatown.
  • David Lynch is a man of many talents: director, weatherman, coffee supplier.  Also: artist.  Today is the last day to see how he translates his thoughts onto canvas at the simply titled, DAVID LYNCH: New Painting and Sculpture” exhibit at the William Griffin Gallery.  Thought of the day: pompadourFree.  From 10am to 6pm at the Griffin Gallery, 2902 Nebraska Ave. in Santa Monica.


  • Tim Burton’s exhibit at LACMA opens.  You might not want to deal with the crush of people on this opening day, but you probably do want to see this eventually, and so this listing here is a maybe less of an actual thing to do this weekend and more of a placeholder for you to remember to see this exhibit before it ends, appropriately, on Halloween.  $20.  Noon to 6pm at LACMA.
  • The arrow of time is off the map in Back to the Future, but fun with the grandfather’s paradox is the best thing about the series.  See the entire trilogy in the Aero’s Back to the Future triple feature and relive the age of the Delorean.  $7-$11.  5pm at the Aero Theater, 1328 Montana Ave. in Santa Monica.
  • UCLA’s 25th Annual JazzReggae Festival is Sunday and Monday, with Lupe Fiasco and Steel Pulse headlining.  This festival will be either teeming with hipsters looking for their street cred, or oddly devoid of them.  Pre-sale $29 (single day)/$50 (both days); Door $35 (single day)/$60 (both days).  Noon to 7pm on the UCLA campus.
  • Flash mobs are, by definition, attention grabbers.  To get your attention, they do something totally unexpected, sometimes loudly, sometimes oddly.  The Meditation Flash Mob doesn’t seem like it will be any of the above: the would-be mobbers will meet at Union Station, connect, spread out throughout the building, and silently meditate as people shuffle in and out of the station.  Om?  Free.  Arrive at 11:30; meditation begins at noon at Union Station.
  • This is free.  Really.  Long Beach’s Really Really Free Day is the city’s first, intended to get the community together to do things for free.  Examples: “sharing resources, crafting, information”.  In other words, being neighborly the way neighbors used to be before we forgot what it was like to actually interact with people on a daily basis.  Free, really, really free.  Noon to 5pm on Elm Ave. between 3rd and 4th Streets in Long Beach.

“Licha’s Santa Fe Grill, the Interior” courtesy Budd Frank via the Blogging LA Flickr pool.

2 thoughts on “GTD This Weekend: Tim Burton & Tim Burton”

  1. The admission price to the Burton exhibit is $20. Basic LACMA membership is $50 (only $25 for students). Hmm, it sounds like this may be a good opportunity for those of us who have been thinking about joining to do so.

  2. Was at Edward Scissorhands last night. Super fun and not as crazy (or full of crazies) as I expected. So sad I work tonight, really wanted to go.

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