Blogging (in) LA: Reddit Los Angeles

OK, so it’s not technically a blog. Or, I dunno, is it?

Spend more than five or so hours a week on the Internet and you’re bound, at some point, to come across Reddit: A group blog with about a zillion users who post questions to other members, links to interesting (or, more often, snicker-inducing) content, conversation starters and the like. The entire site is composed of smaller “subreddits” that focus on specific topics, like world news or sandwiches.

One of the best is Reddit Los Angeles, where users post all sorts of stuff about our fair city, like this reminder that LACMA is free on Memorial Day, or this picture of the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile at Griffith Park Observatory, or this discussion of street-paving inequality.

If you want to post or take part in the discussions, you have to be a registered Reddit member, which takes nothing more than a username and password (you don’t even need to give ’em an email). But lurking really gives you everything you need, whether it’s a primer on local brewpubs, a food truck alert, or tips on living in LA without air conditioning.  Of course, if you do sign up, you can take part in meetups, buy some dude’s fish tank, join a D&D group, or share vital information about a missing dog.

I kind of prefer Reddit Los Angeles to a lot of other LA blogs; because there’s such a broad diversity of personalities among members, you don’t get that off-putting sense of you-should-totally-care-what-I-think self-importance that many individual bloggers seem to develop (a phenomenon that isn’t at all limited to LA blogs). It’s not exactly a good place to read a good restaurant review or an account of someone’s urban expedition, but  it’s an excellent resource for finding other LA-related web resources. And the conversations are good, too.

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  1. Coincidentally, about an hr before reading your post, I requested that my web designer change the MySpace share icon on 2 websites to Reddit. Sign of the times.

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