Time Machine: Hollywood Hills, 1965

Found thanks to LA Observed. A YouTube clip titled “John Cassavetes Hollywood 1965” featuring the actor/director cruising Mulholland in a convertible and listening to the Beach Boys on the radio while talking about why he doesn’t like Los Angeles and wanting to make a musical from Dostoesvsky’s “Crime and Punishment.” Taken from an episode of the ongoing television documentary series “Cineaste de Notre Temps” (Filmmakers of Our Times):

3 thoughts on “Time Machine: Hollywood Hills, 1965”

  1. Awesome on so very many levels. The Beach Boys playing in the background and the French accent of the interviewer sort of make this for me. All it needs are some Goddard-esque title cards and I’d believe it was a clip right out of a French New Wave film. Thanks Will.

  2. How fitting that Cassavetes ignites the East Coast v. West Coast, NY v. LA debate at the very moment that the song “California Girls” comes on.

  3. This was awesome. He had a dry wit about him and was just …cool. He was even too cool to snap with the beat!

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