Blogging (in) LA: Curbed

I admit it: I love Curbed LA. It’s a guilty pleasure and a sort of embarrassing confession from someone who doesn’t even get TV reception. Curbed is blogging junk food. It’s like cheetos or red vines–empty calories, but sometimes just exactly what you want.

For the unitiated, Curbed covers, for the most part, LA real estate. They do link round-ups of stories from around the blogosphere and occasional tangential news stories, as well as “rent check” posts about apartments for rent around LA, but their meat-and-potatoes posts are the ones that detail extraordinary houses/palaces/design catastrophes for sale. I’m sure my fascination with, for instance, this Versailles-lite Sunset Boulevard mansion is the same sort of engine that drives so many of those house-oriented shows on television, but somehow Curbed delivers it in a way that I find compelling instead of off-putting. Who hasn’t always wanted to see inside the House of Davids??!! I know I have. Thank you, Curbed, for making it possible. It is, in fact, more atrocious than I imagined.  

But it’s not all architectural traffic accidents on Curbed, there are also posts like this one that make me wish I had a spare $629,000 sitting around. Or this one that makes me want to organize a expedition to explore the old Nazi ruins in LA.

So thanks, Curbed, for being consistently entertaining and letting me peak inside some of LA’s interior decorating travesties.

4 thoughts on “Blogging (in) LA: Curbed”

  1. I love CurbedLA! There are days when I just sit there, refreshing the page. My favorite was all the render porn of proposed L.A. skyscrapers – circa 2005 – that would never see the light of day. Oddly enough, I think the recession pushed them up against a wall, resulting in even better content.

  2. I dunno, I think Curbed also covers a lot of planning/development/transportation issues that I wouldn’t know about otherwise. A good blend of news and fluff.

  3. Good point, Evan. That is true. Curbed does do a good job of covering lots of planning and development issues. Probably I should have framed the post more like “what really keeps me coming back is…”

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