Found On The Road* Alive: Vixen RV

Vixen RV

Looking either custom-built and/or a bit like a stripped-down refugee from some back-in-the-day Saturday morning sci-fi kids show, I’d never heard of Vixen after spying the nameplate on the front of the unique vehicle, so of course I googled that shit at first opportunity.

Turns out, via the Vixen’s wiki page and the Vixen Owners Association website the RVs were made by Vixen Motor Company in good old Motor City, USA from 1986-1989 — and waaaay ahead of their time. This is one of only 578 of the 21-footers to come off the assembly line before the company folded. With an exterior completely encased in fiberglass, a comparatively light 5,100-pound curb weight, its low center of gravity and a windtunnel-honed drag coefficient of a low .29 (better than many sedans and sports cars of that day), the turbodiesel-powered model could top 100 mph and get 30 mpgs (gas-powered versions got 20 mpgs).

* Or in this case in the parking lot across the street from the Regal Cinemas
downtown where a matinee of
Bridesmaids was soon after ripsnortingly enjoyed.

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