The Dude Aside –


I saw This Person shopping at a Santa Monica Ralph’s last week, fully without irony.

She and her friends were not looking to see if anyone would notice the robe, nor were they in any sort of Dude-like good humor.

I would have been willing to Consider giving her a pass if she at least bought milk and/or Kahlua, but all they bought was a few bags of Doritos.

They wandered the store, jabbering in a language I failed to identify (and I’m pretty good at that), and exuding general bitchiness.


No thank you.


(No, I don’t show her face. And neither should she.)

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  1. All the other unbecoming traits aside, I dig the bathrobe. If you see her there again, you can feel free to tell her the Ralph’s over by my place in North Hollywood is a pretty happenin’ spot…

  2. This is on the same page as Sean Bonner lambasting the LAist for it’s reporting.

    1. First, you mean “its” and not “it’s.”

      Second, Sean blasts LAist for not being about Los Angeles.

      Photos that capture daily life in Los Angeles and our comments on those photos most certainly count as “about Los Angeles.”

      Oh and third, you missed Sean’s point: that LAist doesn’t DO any reporting.

      If your point is that my post ISN’T NEWS then say so. But know I never claimed it was.

      1. My point is that while LAist isn’t a shining example of a blog these days, has long fell below that in quality of reporting. At least LAist is a reliable place to use as a news aggregator and *occasional* original writing for those of us who are breezing through the daily headlines. The only thing reliable about is the laughable quality of what’s considered postable.

        You took a picture of some girl and thought she seemed like a bitch, so you posted it on the internet and said as much. What does this say about Los Angeles but the fact that our residents are this petty? I’d hate to see what’d happen if you visited any other working class neighborhood supermarket in the United States – actually, maybe it’s a blog in the works?!

          1. Look, brush me off, but the bottom line is this post is just mean and I’m calling you out on it.

            If you want to baseline me to fixing my grammar, or ask me where “My blog is”, great. Ignore the issue. I have a lot of respect for solid writing about LA because it brings us together as a community which, as a lot of us are familiar with, isn’t easy to come by in this city. does it’s fair share of this and I commend that.

            This is not that. It’s aimed to ridicule and put other people beneath you, and that’s sad. It’s great you’ve got a blog to do it on, though!

          2. To be fair my complaint with LAist was that their work isn’t “original” – they just point to things other people are writing about. I would agree with you that Ruth’s above post isn’t going to win any journalism awards (though I don’t think she intends it to) at least it’s something she actually came up with herself. She didn’t post a photo that someone else took and talk about how another blog was commenting on it. Know what I mean?

          3. I do know what you mean, and it’s a fair assessment. My question to you is, what’s the greater of two evils? Not creating your own original content, or creating original content that’s hardly news and questionably quality content at all?

            It’s great that gives it’s writers a venue to write about anything related to Los Angeles. I recognize that it’s contributors aren’t paid, aren’t edited, and aren’t competing for page views. But, myself and others come here in hopes of someone picking up the slack where LAist isn’t – and there’s a fair share of that done here. It’s posts like this, personal diary posts that should probably be kept as much, that completely undermine that work and keep me going to The Eastsider, Hello! Venice, and others well before

            In short, if you’re asserting that LAist is wasting it’s readership on Google fodder and news aggregation, I’d argue that is wasting it’s readership on narcissistic content that doesn’t appear to recognize the audience it’s reaching and the greater message it contributes to this very diverse community as a whole.

          1. Really gave up too fast, and he should have been complaining on Bonners post about LAist. Seriously we’re here to share the fun, fugly and whatever else we find in LA. We don’t have editors telling us what to write for the sake of “views” and ad dollars, its up to us and just us.
            Seriously, I get your point where’s his blog, if he doesn’t like what he sees here or takes exception he can just go to his own blog and bitch about it.
            Final thought. Are you going for the win on comments this week?

  3. Jebus – I totally forgot about that comments thing – but hey if that’s what happens then a hearty HAIL SATAN for me.

    And as for “the post is just mean and I’m calling you out for it,” No, You’re Not.

    Had you said that I would have been completely fine.

    Instead you said anything BUT that, bashing someone else’s post even, but not saying what was really on your mind – grammatically unsound or otherwise – until several posts in.

    And like so many critics, when I asked what YOU create (besides this) you have nothing.

    Creating a blog takes about five minutes and is free. So save your “great you have a blog to do it on” for someone else.

    1. I didn’t bash Sean’s post. I think his points are well made and perfectly metered. He’s correct – LAist isn’t what it once was and I find myself relying on it less and less and looking to other blogs to take up the slack. With Dakota Smith leaving Curbed LA there’s even less of a source of reliably good blogs in this city.

      But let’s get to the root of that issue and why I posted my initial comment: Sean is making a point that “LA deserves a better blog” and not two posts up from his eloquently written post is this post publicly ridiculing this woman. I’m sure you can see the hypocrisy in this.

      I don’t maintain a blog and I don’t intend to. I give a lot of credit to the talented people out there who are generous enough with their time to keep the rest of the community updated. I have neither the time, actual day-to-day connection to the community, or writing talent to contribute to this in any meaningful way.

  4. I was struck by the photo, although not altogether suprised…I remember reading an advice columnist (a while ago-a national one) and an older person had written in to ask about young people going out to breakfast wearing pajamas…and was told that in some communities, it’s acceptable since they’re still wearing actual clothing (pjs & a robe or such).

    Me, with this photo I wonder if there isn’t a backstory to it…maybe the girl in the robe had had a fight with her boyfriend and was just sitting around the apt, and her friend (wearing regular clothes) came over and said, ‘ok, let’s go to the store NOW’ to get her out of her mood and the bitchy talk was about the boyfriend (or parent or sibling or job or such) and getting her to go to the market in her robe was a way to break her out of her fixation (on whatever the problem was)…

    I always think there are interesting stories behind everyday events and I’m usually proven wrong, especially when I’ve added in subplots including aliens or conspiracy theorists or recovered memories or such…
    But having shopped at Jon’s Market on Vermont back in the late 80s early 90s I know that there are people whose behavior ranges from lamentable to unbelievable (with many languages involved) so I can accept that it really is just a woman who went out in her bathrobe. And I can accept that her sense of decorum is probably lacking in other areas too.

    And, as the father in Pride and Prejudice commented:
    “For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbours, and laugh at them in our turn?”

    Laugh on, Ruth666, I’m laughing with you…

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