Apocalypse! Wow!

Image by Thomas Hawk

The end of the world!  It’s coming!  On Saturday!

Surely you have seen these billboards that are up all over town, claiming that the End Times begin this weekend, right?  (There was a particularly good one up near the Donut Time corner at Santa Monica and Highland for a while that just said “Save the Date!”  They’ve also been pretty offensively installed in the heart of West Hollywood – see Weho Daily’s coverage.)  Well, in case you missed the memo, the rapture is scheduled to start Saturday.

While this is certainly bullshit, and while I am not normally one to encourage or draw attention to the creepy ramblings of religious wackadoos, I am always in search of an excellent excuse for a movie marathon, and so my friends and I plan to spend my Saturday night awaiting the rapture (or not) while watching some excellent (and terrible) End Times film.  With all this talk of rapture in the air, the Left Behind movies are probably the most a propos, however, I really don’t think I can stomach that much Kirk Cameron, even if I am doing it mostly ironically.  Instead, we’ve settled on an all LA-themed program of apocalyptic film, including:

Panic in Year Zero (1962):  This movie stars my secret boyfriend Frankie Avalon, who is out camping with the folks when a nuclear blast destroys Los Angeles.  There is plenty of good mass-panic-on-the-freeway footage that makes me not want to think about how things would play out in the event of an actual apocalyptic event. 

The Omega Man (1971):  A classic.  A totally slick Charlton Heston survives a plague, and spends his time as the last man on earth kicking it around Los Angeles in a red convertible.  Things get complicated/awesome when he meets a totally badass Rosalind Cash and they fight off an albino zombie army.

Night of the Comet (1984):  In possibly the greatest end of the world movie of all time, two teenage girls from the San Fernando Valley face off against a zombie apocalypse.

Anyone have any favorite LA apocalypse movies?  Or any good tips for the best place in town to wait out the rapture?



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  1. How could you talk about rapture movies without mentioning ‘The Rapture’ starring Mimi Rogers and David Duchovny? It’s clearly the best rapture movie.

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