Every Week Is Bike Week But This Next One Is The One That Gets All The Attention

Bike Week 2011Having participated  in Bike Week going back to its beginnings in the mid-1990s, it’s good to see how far the events have come from such humble origins. But one thing that’s always perplexed me through those years is how big the collective emphasis is on biking “to” work, with pretty much a total divorce from that whole “from” part.

Though the Law of Commuting states, “What goes out, must come back,” year in and year out Bike Week organizers ignore that all-important second part. On the designated “Bike To Work Day” that “To” part is taken literally. Mornings are chock full of strategic events and pitstops and various freebies, sprinkled with the occasional councilpersons who’ll don helmets and grins and pedal under an MTA sign and past a camera pool. And if you’re in the right place as you pedal, you might find a few scattered Starbucks that’d give up a free drip coffee if you rolled there before 9 a.m.

But pretty much after that hour things are broken down and packed up and put away — which is literally half-assed; a willingly missed opportunity to keep the good vibrations and awareness going on for that integral return trip. Well, with this coming edition of Bike Week (May 16-20; with Bike To Work Day on May 19) I’m pleased to report some progress has been made. Not by the city or the county or Metro, but rather by the LA County Bicycle Coalition who for better or worse is gonna help returning cyclists get their drink on.

From the LACBC website:

This year, we thought we’d do a little something different and organize some informal Bike FROM Work Happy Hours around the county for you to stop by on your commute home. So stop by, have a a drink, and hang out with some other bicyclists (more info).

[Shrug]… It’s a start — which is exactly what I did and thought back after the first Bike Week (then called Bike To Work Week).  But without any further buzzkill, though perhaps to belabor my whole Bike FROM Work point, below for your viewing seizure-inducing pleasure is a nighttimelapse of one of the hundreds of evening commutes I made back home to Silver Lake from my old office in Westchester, followed by a layout of the week’s more prominent morning glories:

Bike Week LA 2011:

Monday, May 16, 8:30am: Kick-off event at North Hollywood Red Line Station
Tuesday, May 17, 8am: Blessing of the Bicycles at Good Samaritan Hospital (1225 Wilshire Blvd, 90017)
Wednesday, May 18, 8am:  Downtown LA Bike Ride, meets at Union Station (route map).
Thursday, May 19 – Bike to Work Day. Visit pit stops from 6-9am, free rides for cyclists on MTA buses, trains (map of pitstop locations).
Friday, May 20: Bike to School Day

Other sources for info on additional events:

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