ICME: Long-Winded Sidewalk Wisdom

This, possibly, is a quote from children’s book author Dallas Clayton, though I have no idea whether it was he who took the time to print this up and  stick it on a lamppost at Sunset and Edgecliffe.  Personally, I prefer my curbside adages to be slightly shorter, but hey, free advice is free advice.

2 thoughts on “ICME: Long-Winded Sidewalk Wisdom”

  1. There was an exact sign with the same quote at the stop sign on Occidental just south of Sunset in Silver Lake, but it disappeared within a day. Above it was hung a second yellow placard (still hanging) that simply read “Stay Cool.”

  2. Agreed. Sounds like something from one of Clayton’s awesome children’s books. (BTW, all my shoes are quite dirty.)

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