Found on Road Alive:flamed 1951 Ford F-1 pick ’em up.

1951 Ford F-1
1951 Ford F-1

I spotted this largely untouched survivor the other night whilst checking out a local Art Bear (post to follow).  This gem was “flamed” with a can of krylon for a blessing of the cars some 20 years ago, its been allowed to just gain a patina of age all on its own.  The owner debates whether to allow it to continue to gather patina or give it a fancy paint job.  If he does the latter he fears that he’ll be afraid to drive it and chance being in an accident.

Pic by me and it does get bigger with a click.

4 thoughts on “Found on Road Alive:flamed 1951 Ford F-1 pick ’em up.”

  1. Tough decision. But my vote’s for keeping it as is. PS. I’m so going to start calling my generic ’97 Nissan king cab a “Pick ‘Em Up” truck now.

    1. I’ll have that post done up shortly, busy uploading and resizing the images. By then you’ll know more about an Art Bear than you care too.

  2. My husband has a ’50 F1 he inherited from his grandfather, and actually, all other cars on the road should be afraid of IT. These boys were meant to work, so pretty it up or leave it as is, but don’t be afraid of hurting ’em. It’s been invaluable any time we’ve had to move, go to Ikea, etc…

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