Everybody Into the Subway!

Did you know there was a bike ban on Metro Rail during rush hour? That ban is gone, effective immediately. The Source wants to know how you feel about that.

With gas prices surging, the city’s renewed interest in a viable bike network, and increasingly popular events like CicLAvia, this can only be a good thing.

But, exactly how will Metro handle the possible flood of fixies? There has been some talk of removing seats from rail cars.  Instead of simply placating cyclists, why not encourage them by going a step further?

What Metro needs now is a multimodal rail car with bike storage. Sound far fetched? Plans were drawn up in 1976.

2 thoughts on “Everybody Into the Subway!”

  1. yeah i knew but no one followed it, no need since i’ve rarely been on a train that packed, but they should setup some wall system that allows more bikes to fit in a smaller area.

  2. Some of the light rail in London is set up for bikes and it needs to be done here too. Makes the train more accessible to more folks that way.

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