Arsonist at large in Los Feliz

Corner of Franklin and Vermont about 12:15AM, 4/29/11

Someone was Lighting a String of Trashcan Fires late Thursday Night / Early Friday Morning

I took the picture to the right myself. Firetrucks were already on the way, and in fact, already in the area, as this was at least the third trashcan fire lit.

I felt slightly guilty snapping the pic, like I should have done something more, but my Android doesn’t have a “Fire Extinguisher” App, and I really didn’t have that much water on me at the time.

“I.C.M.E.” indeed.¬†Eyewitness account after the jump.



I came across a group of friends having a bite outside Palermo’s on Vermont around 11:30 – 12AM. As we were chatting, someone mentioned there had been some trashcan fires around the neighborhood that night, and sure enough, just then I turned around and farther south, pretty much across from the Dresden, a trash can is fully ablaze.

We watched a few people, presumably from neighboring businesses, pouring water on it and hitting it with an extinguisher just before the firetruck showed up.

We continued chatting as the truck pulled up to House of Pies and the firemen stopped a homeless man to talk to him. Whether they suspected him, or just hoped he witnessed something, I don’t know, but they let him go and he made his way South on Vermont, down the street.

As we chatted a bit more, I look North from where I’m standing on the sidewalk and see smoke billowing up from where the 7-11 is on Franklin and Vermont. That’s when I walked up and took these pictures.

I normally can’t help but do a Beavis, “Heh. Fire. Heh heh…” at any mention of the element, but I just can’t bring myself to with this. Maybe because that’s actually someone’s mind set right now, as they light these things up. Someone is quite disturbed.

It’s unknown at this time if a suspect has been apprehended.

3 thoughts on “Arsonist at large in Los Feliz”

  1. Given the idiot taggers that seem to roam the neighborhood writing nonsense on apartment walls and signs, this isn’t surprising. Los Feliz is a great place to live and I can’t remember a time when I didn’t feel safe walking the streets, but we have our fair share of goalless vandalizing dumbasses who could benefit from a tire iron across the jawline.

    If only the cops crawling through the neighborhood and flying their helicopters a seeming 50 feet above the roof of my apartment building could do something about these jackasses.

  2. Graffiti is one thing, a string of burning trash cans is another. I keep thinking of “Trashcan Man” from Stephen King’s “The Stand.” Also, I hate to date myself, but the Malibu fires are still a fresh image in my mind. That shit was horrific. The more recent fires in Griffith Park also come to mind.

    This is a dry region we live in, and the hot weather is here. It would not take much for one of these to get out of control and do a hell of a lot more damage than any graffiti.

    Surprising? Maybe not. Concerning? Fucking A.

  3. I should note that I don’t hate graffiti as a matter of course. Most of it beautifies, or at least attempts to. But Los Feliz is home to a group of taggers who just use a can of black spray-paint to scrawl meaningless nonsense across the walls of people’s homes and businesses. That’s not art; it’s adolescent jackassery.

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