Cornerstone Theater’s Unrequited (Between Two Worlds)

There’s film folk and then there’s theater folk, and then there are just folks who will see whatever looks good.  That last group is me, and this upcoming play looks great: tonight, Cornerstone Theater, in association with Watts Village Theater Company, will start previews of its new play, The Unrequited (Between Two Worlds).  The play’s official opening night is on May 4.

The play is based on The Dybbuk, a 1914 play by author and playwright S. Ansky, about a bride possessed – possessed! – by a terrible spirit on the night before her wedding.  Cornerstone’s version re-locates the play in time and space: to a 1930s-era Watts neighborhood.  In the theater’s long-running tradition of incorporating community actors and sourcing creative spaces for their productions, the production actually will be held in Watts at a local high school auditorium.

Tickets are based on a $5 to $20 sliding scale online, and will be pay-what-you-can at the door.  That’s right, no need to wait in the student rush line the 5 minutes before doors open.

The Unrequited (Between Two Worlds)
Thursdays through Sundays, plus a few Wednesdays here and there, April 28 – May 22
At the Youth Opportunities High School, Mafundi Auditorium, 1827 E. 103rd St in Watts.
Tickets here.