Tiki-Ti’s 50th Anniversary

If you’ve never had a bar full of hipsters chant “TORO TORO TORO” whilst you chug a crazy concoction of fruit & tequila, then now’s the perfect chance to visit a great Los Angeles institution. Opened in 1961 by an exotic cocktail mixologist Ray Buhen, Tiki-Ti served up traditional Polynesian drinks to the likes of Marlon Brando, Burt Rynolds & Jack Palance. Now with over 86 different cocktails on their menu, Ray’s son & grandson Michael and Mike Buhen carry on his legacy at one of the last classic neighborhood tiki bar.

For such a small bar, they do have a lot of little quirks… like their opening hours/days. Regulars know that you have to check their calendar before making the trek out, since the Buhen’s keep all their concoctions “in the family,” whenever they decide to take a little vacay, their bar shuts down. It’s also cash only, which for many card toting Angelino’s causes a problem… but never fear as they are stocked with an ATM in the back. And finally, smoking? I thought that was outlawed? Apparently not when the location is owner operated… no employees to worry about.

So come out Tomorrow to celebrate their 50th Anniversary! The Flatiron Truck will be there from 4-10pm providing bites of deliciousness to pair with outrageous cocktails! They will also have a Tahitian inspired menu serving Poisson Cru and free Coconut Cupcakes.

4427 West Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 669-9381

5 thoughts on “Tiki-Ti’s 50th Anniversary”

  1. When I heard KCET’s property was sold my first thought was to wonder what effect it would have on Tiki-Ti….nothing negative, I hope. We need Tiki-Ti more than we need another religious(?) broadcast facility.
    Happy Anniversary Tiki-Ti!

  2. A half-century?! Wow. Garcetti should confer cultural and historical landmark status on the place.

  3. Toro! Toro! Toro! Glad to have had the pleasure of Ray making me drinks when he was still around. One of the last great bars of Los Angeles. Give them the key to the city. Or at least the key to the liquor cabinet.

  4. Wow, this place is walking distance from my apartment and I’ve still never been there — mostly because it’s always too crowded! Is it true they somehow managed to grandfather their way out of the smoking ban?

    1. Yep! It’s a smoking friendly joint… but before that scares non-smokers, it also has an open roof so there isn’t a hazy cloud floating around the bar.

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