Lot in My Backyard

What’s being called one of the largest apartment building construction projects in the U.S. since 2008 is underway in our backyard, Marina del Rey. The former Del Rey Shores apartment complex on Via Marina has been demolished to make way for The Shores.  The drab beige and brown 2-story buildings are gone, and in their place will be a dozen modern 4 and 5 story buildings, totaling some 554 units. As the accompanying pictures hopefully demonstrate, it’s quite striking to see such a large plot of temporarily open land in the congested Marina, just a few blocks from the beach.

The Shores is at the vanguard of a host of construction projects, some of which were approved just yesterday, which could significantly alter the laid-back, recreational image of the Marina. This is in addition to a large mixed-use project being built just across Lincoln Blvd., between Maxella Ave. and the entrance to the Marina Freeway (Rte. 90). A number of the projects involved in this planned building boom have caused an outcry among some Marina residents and visitors, especially given that, according to the Marina Del Rey Land Use Plan, implemented pursuant to the California Coastal Act, “[p]ublic opportunities for viewing the Marina’s scenic elements, particularly the small craft harbor water areas, shall be enhanced and preserved.”

However, that small, vocal group of opponents to some of the local development plans here is often too small and not vocal enough to have too much of an effect.  Rather, it seems that, in this corner of L.A. County, as in many other places, the real estate developers eventually get most of what they want.

3 thoughts on “Lot in My Backyard”

  1. As the developers in that area should. They’ve already killed most of the natural swamp just so people like you can live there, I dont think anyone in that area has any rights anymore to stop development.

  2. If you look at SCAG (So Cal Assoc of Gov) long term edicts for us its all about higher density mixed use projects. I am certain this is more than just developers but the redevelopment agency likely has its fingers in this as well. Welcome to the future.

  3. @iluvhatemail: I understand the point you’re making. Each of us has to live somewhere, thus each of us has an impact on our environment. My hope is simply that, as growth occurs, it is done in a sensible and smart way.

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