It Caught My Eye: Humma Time

In my unofficial and unavoidable capacity as Lead Surrogate Uncle and Security Chief to the hummingbirds who nest in our front and back yards each year, I endured tragedy and enjoyed triumph with last year’s batches of chicks. Only one of the four survived to fly its frontyard nest, and getting that one to that stage proved quite the dramatic and ultimately fulfilling experience.

Well the next chapter in the saga has commenced, begun this morning when I got buzzed closely by a gonna-be-a-momma humma (I believe a rufous hummingbird) who lighted on the location it had chosen for its partially constructed nest (as seen above) and busied herself in the branches a few feet above where I happened to be standing in the backyard.

3 thoughts on “It Caught My Eye: Humma Time”

  1. Yeah, hawks are tough subjects. I thought I was pretty sure I found the location of a Cooper’s hawk nest last month when one of the adult birds flew into it with nesting material in its beak, but upon closer examination it was nowhere to be seen… like it had disappeared through a portal into another dimension.

  2. We’ve consistently had hummingbirds in the two and a half years we’ve been in our Encino home. I love them buzzing about our garden.

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