Bears Love Chicken, Because Chicken Is Delicious

Unlikely to be a problem

First the lizards invaded Los Angeles. Now it’s the bears. No, not that kind. Stop it, you.

I live in Los Feliz and see plenty of coyotes (no, not that kind; stop it, you) and even the occasional hawk. But I’ve never seen a bear. For that, I’d need to move to Altadena, apparently; recently, bears have been showing up there at an unprecedented rate, devouring domestic chickens and getting shot by possibly unscrupulous residents (Warning: Somewhat unsettling photo of an adorable bear cub lying dead).

Apparently, though, bears are not a huge deal in the northern¬†environs; residents report sightings all the time, last week’s ursine poultrophile notwithstanding. But it’s unlikely anyone will get hurt. In the past three decades, only about a dozen bears have attacked humans, and that’s throughout the state of California. If you’re a human, and you live in the LA environs, bear attacks probably aren’t something you need to worry about.

But whether two sudden reported bear incidents is a symptom of human encroachment or  journalistic follow-the-leader is beyond my ken. Any Altadenans or wildlife biologists out there care to comment?

4 thoughts on “Bears Love Chicken, Because Chicken Is Delicious”

  1. Ha..we have bears all the time here in my corner of LA. Even are making Art bears to prove it.

    According to the game and wildlife folks I’ve talked with, and the odd local PD the bears are more intrusive than usual due to the Station Fire a few years ago that displaced many from their normal range. Add in the prolonged drought that plagued us for a few years literally drying up their normal food supply, they are coming into the city looking for food and water.

    The Altadena bear that killed some poultry the other day according to the Pasadena Star News did so to mark its feeding territory and have a tasty snack.

  2. An interesting fact worth noting is that the black bears are here first and forement because we as humans eliminated the grizzly and, second because we as humans brought the black bears in on purpose. Prior to 1933 it’s widely agreed that there were few or no black bears in the Angeles National Forest — nor were there grizzlies anymore because they’d been exterminated in SoCal in 1908 and statewide by 1922.

    With a reintroduction effort undertaken by the Dept of Fish and Game in 1933, about 30 black bears from Yosemite were transplanted into the San Gabriels (near Crystal Lake) and it’s a pretty safe bet that any bears out there today either getting killed by “possbly unscrupulous” motherfucking idiots in Riverside County or chicken harvesting in Altadena are descendants of those original 30.

  3. I can just hear the bear reciting one of my favorite lines from “Unbreakable” (uttered by the annoyed comic book store clerk): “I gotta get some chicken in me, you know what I’m saying?”

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