Which is worse? Graffiti or child molestation?

You might think that’s an easy question, but you’d be surprised. Yesterday I mentioned that local wel known graffiti artist REVOK was arrested and his bail has been set at $320,000 which to the untrained eye seems a tad on the high side. Well, turns out it’s a tad high to the trained eye as well. Artist Logan Hicks did some research and found out the bail that was set for arrests for some other crimes in Los Angeles over the last 2 months. Short version? They are all much lower than $320,000. For example…

Repeated molestation of a minor by husband/wife – Bail set at $150,000
Baby left in 115-degree car returned to mother – $100,000
Men accused of raping female student – $50,000
Machete-wielding man, 19, arrested near South Coast Plaza – $25,000

But somehow failing to repay damages for spray painting on a wall justifies $320K. Yeah. Nice even hand there.

4 thoughts on “Which is worse? Graffiti or child molestation?”

  1. Well the police have just figured it out that they are worthless at actually keeping people safe, but better at bill collecting

  2. Bail is not the punishment for a crime; it’s just a device to ensure that a defendant will appear at their trial without the courts having to keep them in jail (at taxpayers’ expense). The amount of bail is relative to financial assets of the person, so a defendant with more wealth will have a higher bail only because the higher bail is needed to be a burden to them if they don’t show up.

  3. What wstelllar said. Has more to do with income level and flight risk. The warrant for his arrest was due to non-compliance with the restitution he agreed to pay. Courts really hate it when you break your promises to them. He reneged on paying up, so now he’s sentenced to 180 days. Which really sucks.

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