Church of Scientology Buys KCET’s Building on Sunset

KCET just confirmed that they are selling their production facility on Sunset between Los Feliz and Silver Lake to the Church of Scientology for “an undisclosed amount” that undoubtedly has many, many 0’s.  According to the LA Times’ article about potential deal, the Church now gets to add around 4.5 acres of property to its march towards taking over the world, one stress test at a time.

According to KCET’s official statement, the now-independently owned public television station plans to expand their programmingblahblah and currently are looking to relocate to other facilities.  After KCET officially vacates the premises, up to a year from now, will the Church repaint the buildings to movie set blue, like the giant building on Hollywood (above)?  Will you be asked if you would like to be outfitted with contraptions that look like they were pulled out of the The Twilight Zone‘s circa-1960s prop department in a box labelled “Space-y Looking Things” every time you try to go to Rudy’s for a haircut or to Tiki Bar for a tiki drink?  My answers: hopefully yes, and hopefully no.  In that order.

Update:  Thanks to the comments below for pointing me to the Church of Scientology’s news release on this.  They say the KCET facility ” is a perfect fit, in both size and location, for the expansion of the Church of Scientology’s production of religious and social betterment audiovisual properties, and we welcomed the unexpected opportunity to acquire it.”

Photo courtesy jasmined and used under a Creative Commons license.

19 thoughts on “Church of Scientology Buys KCET’s Building on Sunset”

  1. Super Cool! and this article just took me back in time a bit, i grew up watching programs on KCET!

      1. Flora and Louanne are both the same person and they are Scientology Office of Special Affairs “internet handlers”.

  2. Iooking forward to seeing what the Church of Scientology is able to do with this old building. They’re really great at renovating and preserving their locations, just look at what they did with the LA building, It’s really impressive!

  3. Given the Church’s track record of restoring and maintaining historic buildings, I have no doubt they will keep this great buidling (and its impressive facilities) in top shape and use it to spread their social improvement programs.

  4. Aaaaahhhhhhh! Oh no, the Scientology spin machine has already weighed in with the first two comments!

    Bad news indeed. Rather than dump PBS, KCET should have started a Tax-free ‘Religion’ that did public television broadcasting. This sale should give KCET another year of existence, but ultimately the station is doomed.

  5. I’ve never seen the building or the sign in the photo above. Is it supposed to out-Hollywood the Hollywood sign?

    1. No way, really? The blue behemoth of a building is right at Fountain and Edgemont — it feels like a movie set almost, because it’s a bit unreal. You can brunch across the street at Square One Dining, sit on the patio, and building- and people-watch.

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