LA Police Commission votes to retain the use of Red Light Cameras

In January the city council told the LA Police Commission to report back on the effectiveness of red light cameras and what to do about them.  Its been reported that the commission voted 3-2 in favor of keeping them.  FULL REPORT HERE.

They did this even noting that 75% of the tickets were for rights on red, they claimed they were rolling rights on red, that don’t come into play with the fatal intersection T-boners that they claim they want to reduce.  The report does show that the awareness factor coupled with the cameras has reduced those kinds of intersection accidents with a commensurate reduction in fatalities.  Hard to argue the results stats, but I still question the right on red tickets.  I’d argue the drop in fatalities is due to stronger safety standards on cars.

What say you on the continuation?  I hate the damn things myself, if I screw up I prefer to get the ticket in person not anonymously in the mail long after the fact where I never knew it happened or could even argue that it had.

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One thought on “LA Police Commission votes to retain the use of Red Light Cameras”

  1. I vote no! Personally from what I have read, they cost waaay to much (and most cities hand them over to private operators to run, thus cutting into the profit) and don’t reduce accidents. Get rid of em! And yes, they are just one more chink in the ‘big brotherization’ of our universe so they irritate me.

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