How Many Rads is LA REALLY Getting?

Radiation Alert! Want to get a heads up on the radiation fall-out hitting LA right this minute? Check this out!  It’s a live streaming radiation monitor set up in West LA so you can see what’s going on at any time of the day or night.

There’s even a chat set up, so you can get answers to all your burning questions.

These guys also get bonus points cuz the device glows in the dark!

3 thoughts on “How Many Rads is LA REALLY Getting?”

  1. Interesting. But how are we supposed to know what it means without telling us what our normal background radiation is vs what they are reading? My understanding is that we are getting more background radiation off a granite countertop than we are from the mess in Japan.

  2. From what I understand (and I am no expert) the normal levels are 40-46 CPMs. If they are consistently double (it varies with dew point and other factors) then it’s time to take notice.

  3. Thanks for the info…Sean Bonner made mention at the meet up a last week that even what they were getting in Tokyo was less than a transoceanic flight so he opted to make the trip anyway.

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