ICME – Rooster in the City

"Where all the chicks at?"
Rock Out with your Cock Out

Welcome to the Jungle. You’ll find all sorts of Animals here.

Saw this guy near the Public Library on Madison Street and Santa Monica. Actually, that’s the lawn there that he’s strutting on.

Granted, it’s not Hollywood and Vine, but we’re still smack dab in the middle of the city. Vermont and Santa Monica┬áBoulevard are a couple of blocks away. This is Gawd Damn Silver Lake Adjacent and what not.┬áThis is in no way rural or even suburbs.

But we got chickens.

Maybe it’s a Hipster Rooster; “Flying’s way too mainstream.” “I strut, you probably haven’t heard of it.” “I was into Free Range organic way before it was popular.”

More pictures of Uncensored Cock on the Street after the Jump:

"Bastards stealing all the Eggs for Easter..."
"I wonder if this library has 'Catcher in the Rye?"
"Hey, Hey....I'm Walkin' here!"
We'll be fighting in the Streets, with our Chickens at our feet..
"Why did the Chicken cross the Road? I don't know, but the bitch better have my money."
There's just no place for Street Fighting Cock, No.

4 thoughts on “ICME – Rooster in the City”

  1. I lived on that block for several years. Those birds live right across the street from the library. Always a fun scene.

  2. My wife was driving to work one morning a few years back going down Adams and she saw a raccoon running down the sidewalk and turning a corner at full speed.

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