From Silver Lake to Venice

I took my camera out on my adventures yesterday and grabbed a few snaps around Silver Lake and Venice. I moved to San Francisco right after the Venice Skatepark opened so I never got to go hang out. I snuck out and took some time to check it out yesterday. It’s pretty damn nice but man was it hectic. Like watching a crazy tennis match on acid. I was amazed at the little kids ripping it up. They’re going to be amazing if they stick with it. The head scratcher of the day though was when 2 cop trucks pulled up with 2 more cops on ATV’s as backup just to remove a little kid who was riding a scooter in the park. The biggest downside of the park were are all the people smoking pot and stinking up the joint. It was really overpowering at times and no matter where you moved you got a snootful. The raging sunburn I got is no fun either. Remember, just because it’s cloudy you can get fried. I forgot that lesson. Ouch. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “From Silver Lake to Venice”

  1. Very nice!

    Back in my lost skateboarding youth of the mid-late 70s spent jumping off benches and climbing over fences to trespass carve asphalt berms in local Hollywood schoolyards, and re-idolizing the Alva and the Peralta and the Adams and the Biniak (Rest in Peace) et al with each new arrival of Skateboarder magazine, ValSurf in the land of Van Nuys was my church and the only skatepark options available were pay-to-play optionsout in Reseda and even further out in West Covina (the latter of which I was (am!) a lifetime member, and have my laminated card somewhere around here to validate that fact.

    To see the skateparks in existence today in Culver City, Venice and LaFayette Park is so awesome, but makes my inner child very jealous of today’s kids.

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