Teaching kids to brake, skid and stay alive.

Our CHP and the Arcadia PD teamed up to bring Drivers Edge to teach LA area kids how to drive in situations they’ve never experienced before.  Over this weekend 700 teen drivers and their parents will go through the Drivers Edge safety class and learn how to brake to avoid an accident and how to get themselves out of trouble if they get into a skid.

The course is divided into 4 modules.  Two are static and involve learning a cars systems and the other is to chat with APD/CHP officers on the laws affecting driving with a focus on distracted driving and DUI.  (More on that later).  The modules that got their attention was using ABS braking systems to avoid accidents and how to get themselves out of trouble if they wind up in a skid. The latter was the most fun for them as it involved intentionally getting their cars into a skid on a wet track and get themselves out of the skid. The driving modules are taught by professional race drivers.  The video is of Arcadia resident and LaSalle High Student Andrew Crabtree and his skid control efforts.
[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43OWFf8_u54[/youtube]I got a lot out of the module regarding the distracted driving laws. I have to admit I am guilty of checking my phone when a call comes through to see if I need to get off the road to take the call or let it roll to voice mail…a habit I’ll break now as even holding the cell to look at it is illegal under the distracted driving laws.  Another big no-no we see drivers do all the time is put the phone on speaker and hold the phone…that too is illegal.  Essentially using ANY electronic device while driving puts you at risk for distracted driving and a ticket and that includes fiddling with an Ipod or GPS.  The full video of that portion of the discussion…turn your sound up as the quality is a bit sketchy.  Hat tip to Officer John Jurman of APD for taking the lead with that module.
This event is my favorite kind free as it is sponsored in part by Bridgestone that supplies the cars and tires for Driver’s Edge to bring the program to us. Drivers Edge itself is a non-profit organization that brings the event to us as they believe there are no bad teenage drivers, just inexperienced drivers that were never taught what to do to keep themselves out of trouble behind the wheel.

2 thoughts on “Teaching kids to brake, skid and stay alive.”

  1. It was another great event put on by a really great team! I have been a Driver’s Edge fan since I first learned about the organization up in Minneapolis, MN.
    The Arcadia Police Department and California Highway Patrol officers who were there on Sunday, and gave their time, energy, and words of wisdom, added a lot to the program. :-)

  2. oops… meant to add what year I learned about these great people up in Minneapolis, MN. It was the Summer of 2005. :-)

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