Your Coachella Alternative: Artisanal LA

A delicious pie from Crust at the December Artisanal LA event

Oh, womp, you’re not going to Coachella this year.  But whoop, that means you’re free to go to Artisanal LA, the eat-and-eat-more locals-only event.  About 100 local artisanal vendors will gather at the Santa Monica Place’s dining deck, including personal favorites Creme Caramel (get the bacon bread pudding) and Crust (Missouri butter pie).  You’ll also get to preview The Market at Santa Monica Place before it opens in a few weeks; The Market, by the by, purports to be our version of the Ferry Building.  If Acme Bread ever decides to head down here, I may never visit the Bay Area again.

And lest you think this is just about buying food, it’s also about learning about food: Lindy & Grundy did a rad cooking demo at the first Artisanal LA; this time, there will be workshops and demos on LA’s burgeoning craft beer scene, how to stake your own urban plot, a demo and tasting with Intelligentsia, and a cocktail demo with mixologist extraordinnaire Matt Biancaniello.  At $10 (pre-sale), this will be possibly as much fun as, and far, far cheaper than, your would-be weekend at Coachella.

Artisanal LA’s Spring Show
Saturday 11am – 8pm; Sunday 11am – 7pm
At the Level 3 Dining Deck at the Santa Monica Place
Each day $10 (pre-sale)/$15 (at the door).  Or, pick up the weekend pass for $18.