Joooooin Us!

Burns, holding court

It’s time to shake things up! We’re looking for some fresh blood so we’re opening up the doors for 10-15 new bloggers and feature writers to join our team.

Are you a local with awesome insights and passion about this great city? Can you translate that passion and insight into words and photos? Do you know how to blog using WordPress? Are you not a flake and can punch out at least 2-3 posts a week? And can you do it all for the sheer love of it and the love of your soon to be adoring public? Then you might be ready to join the ranks of the Granddaddy of LA Blogs.

If that person isn’t you don’t despair, the dream isn’t over yet! We’re also looking for locals that don’t have time to do regular blogging but have something more specific to contribute and can commit to one feature post per week that’s about a specific aspect of life in LA. It could be from mainstream topics like sports or art to the utterly absurd. This is an experts only position.

All you have to do is fill this out and we’ll take it from there. Good luck and can’t wait to write with you! (If the form gets cut off and you can’t scroll make your window a bit wider.)

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