BarCampLA is back!

After a 2 year hiatus BarCamp, the premier ad-hoc technology conference returns to LA Sunday April 30th through Sunday May 1st. The event will be held this year at Mt Washington Elementary at 3981 San Rafael Avenue. Tickets are $35 right now for the whole weekend and there are student and group discounts available.

If you’ve never been to one I have to say that BarCamps are more like a weekend at tech camp than a conference. Anyone can give a presentation (but make sure you’re there early to get the prime spot) and the topics can vary wildly but they’re almost always fun and insightful. I’ll definitely be there!

Get tickets early because it’s definitely going to get sold out fast. Not to mention you can skip the Procrastinator edition tickets which are an extra $20 if you just get them now. on the web
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8 thoughts on “BarCampLA is back!”

  1. I’ve looked at their website and no one seems to have taken into account the fact that Mt Washington School is not only on top of the hill, but it has little onsite parking and the surrounding area is residential. Look at the satellite view of the map and you’ll also see the streets/roads are rather narrow and not parking-friendly.
    The is NO public transportation once you leave Marmion Way (83 bus, Gold Line station at Museum Way).
    Maybe their registration process has something about carpooling, etc., but that info should be immediately available. And bicycles? I don’t think so.

    1. I am a barcamp organizer and we have been working with the Jack and Denny Smith Community Center folks. We are assured they have had events as large (and larger) and parking is not a problem, though you may have to walk a more than a few yards. Google indicates the school is a 25min walk or 15min bike ride (if you are up for it) from the SW Musuem Gold Line station.

      Every location has compromises and we are always eager for people with venues available to contact us.

    1. As to the comment on price, all events cost money in some way. While we all miss the days when sponsors covered the entire cost of barcampla, not as many folks are handing out free money lately. Our primary costs are for the venue and for tee shirts. If you outright cannot afford the ticket, please contact us for volunteer opportunities.

      1. “all events cost money in some way”

        Sure, but BarCamps have traditionally been free for attendees. While this isn’t true of all events, I think the problem lies in putting a ticket price on it and still calling it BarCamp. There are plenty of other names you could use, hell you could even come up with you own. But calling it BarCamp and then having a ticket price seems lame and and will certainly change the entire feel of the event – again, reason why another name would be better.

  2. I have helped organized a previous barcampla and organized the first barcampseattle. I really really feel uncomfortable with the price tag on this event.

    This is supposed to be an open event that anyone, no matter age or income level, can attend. Not everyone can be a volunteer.

    I appreciate the work that goes into organizing a conference, but this should be called something else, not barcamp.


  3. As one of the other organizer/supporters for BarcampLA coming back, I have to say its been a challenge to make it happen, the team who collaborated, met week after week, and communicated with lots of people to make this happen someway somehow has shown immense care for BarcampLA. We all love it just as much as the next Barcamper, but it all came down to if we wanted it bad enough, would we pay for it? Or could we be happy letting the trend continue where it continues to fall by the wayside and perhaps even gets forgotten.

    I dont think any of us wanted that. We all agree, BarcampLA should be free, and I am confident it will be again. In order to get to that day, come and join us to breathe it back to life. At the end of the day, its about bringing people who are passionate about their skills, traits and knowledge about something and sharing it with others, and to make that happen without any price tag, will take money out of others pockets someway, somehow. But, with YOUR help, by biting the bullet, you will actively be doing your part to make sure it will get back to how it was, free. Come help, we need you :)

    (for those of you who cant afford the full price, we have discount codes floating around on twitter too! *cough* DigitalLA *cough, not to mention a twitter raffle being held for a freebie right now! But perhaps you might be able to rend services or volunteer help in some way, we encourage anyone/all to contact us so we can work something out with you if possible. We really do understand everyones on a tight budget, so we want to make sure we can accomodate everyone as much as we feasibly can)

  4. I’m planning on going… if when I get there is a group of people that like BarCamp enough to toss in a couple of bucks to bring it back, I will consider it well spent.

    It’s been a while since one was held… and I for one miss the community. Even the google group has fallen off in the last couple of years. It’s easier to get sponsors when an event is held regularly. Hopefully holding this one will get things going again and attract more sponsors for the next one.

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