$4.44 a gallon? Seriously?

I filled up my little 2 door Ford Focus this morning and my jaw dropped when the bill was over $40. I haven’t driven very much since I got back to LA so it was quite a shock and I’m sure most of you already knew this but I tend to lead a very sheltered life ;-) So as soon as I got home I went for a bike ride since I can guarantee I’ll be doing a lot more of that until prices come down but I also went on the hunt for a price finder. Low and behold on the first try I found losangelesgasprices.com which is basically a sub-site of gasbuddy.com which tracks gas prices nation wide. They’ve got a free mobile app so you can check out the cheapest gas prices while you’re out and about. I just tried it and if I’d have had it this morning I could have saved about $5. So if you’re a commuter with a mobile phone (that’s roughly 99.999% of LA) go get this thing. It’s free and it’ll save you a bunch of dough.

3 thoughts on “$4.44 a gallon? Seriously?”

  1. I’ve found the sting is less if you fill at half a tank…I know you fill more often when you do it that way, but it just doesn’t seem to sting as bad compared to a full fill. If if makes you feel better the last time I failed to do the filly at a halfy I paid $52.

    Great web and app find. I may have to break down and get an iphone yet.

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